Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey fellow WoW players, I'm Nossdeath or also known as Noss. To begin with, I am going to tell you a little about me and why I made this blog. I have been playing World of Warcraft for about 4 1/2 years, and have tried everything in the game you can imagine. I currently play a Blood elf death knight, and also a troll mage, but I also have multiple level 85s that I don't play much that are geared for new cataclysm raids and all pull really high dps and I am also a pretty good healer both on my 85 blood elf paladin and my 85 tauren druid, I usually top the meters except when there is a hunter, they are insane. On my DK I am dual spec Blood(tank) and Unholy (dps), and have an offspec unholy pvp spec which I switch out with my tank spec as I only tank when I am with the guild which is pretty rare.
&nbsp;&nbsp; I have experience in PVE(Player versus Environment) aka raiding. For example I have ran through multiple instance like MC ( Molten Core, BWL(Black Wing Lair) &nbsp;BT (Black Temple), Hyjal, all the way up to ICC, which has I have killed the Lich King on heroic and have the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.wowwiki.com/Glory_of_the_Icecrown_Raider_(10_player)">Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 Man)</a>. Recently I have been trying to get into the new cataclysm raids but haven't had much time, and when I do have time, my guild isn't available, so not going to be much help there, but I have researched all the fights, so I know the basic mechanics of all the new cataclysm bosses.
&nbsp;&nbsp; I also have a little experience with PVP(Player versus Player). I did not do much arenas because of my partners who had a lot of real life stuff going on, and I didn't feel like finding new partners, but when we did do arena, we kicked butt. We ended season 8 with around 1700 team rating while only doing arena for 2 weeks.
&nbsp;&nbsp; I also play around in the gold making part of WoW, which I think is my best skill in WoW at the moment. I currently have a little below 1 million gold spread across all my toons, including ones from different realms. I started to mess around in the gold market when I started listening to The Instance podcast
which is a podcast about anything and everything in WoW, with the Scott Johnson and Randydeluxe , which got me into looking for other podcasts to pass the time waiting for another awesome episode from The Instance. I then found the podcast, Castaclysm. A podcast also about everything and anything in WoW. It stars, Thunderer, Jhaman, and Markco of Just My Two Copper. While those two podcasts were awesome, I found the Call to Auction podcast that is all about making money in the World of Warcraft. It stars Markco of justmytwocopper.org, Euripdes of outdps.com and BigJimm. Since listening to that podcast I found my calling, while still pvping and raiding you will find me mostly in the auction house either selling, flipping items for higher profit, or buying epic boe's for all my characters.
&nbsp;&nbsp; Now to stop boring you and tell you why I made this blog. After playing WoW for 4 1/2 years, you get to know the game very well, so I thought to put my expertise in multiple areas in the game, and help other people play the game the way they want to and enjoy it! While there are many blogs that help you with the game, I have only found a couple that really tailor to the readers needs as much as this blog will. This blog will have daily posts but not like the normal blog posts, it will depend on you, the readers, to email in to the blogs email, nossdeath@gmail.com, and tell your issue, whether its pve, pvp, gold making, or any other problem you are having in the game. I will randomly pick 1 email per day and answer the problem and post the question and answer on the blog. Don't worry your emails will be anonymous to the other readers in case you embarrassed of your problem, which I don't feel you should be embarrassed by asking for help, its better than getting embarrassed in a raid by having the lowest dps or screwing up in a mechanic, but I will keep the emails anonymous unless you tell me I can use your name. I hope this blog helps you out and I hope to get a lot of emails soon to start posting! I am also always happy for any suggestions that I do with this blog, if you could email me your suggestion, I will see what I can do, and who knows, maybe your suggestion will help this blog be as big as all the other blogs. Have fun playing in the World of Warcraft.

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